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It’s time again for our quarterly Global Commerce Report, where we compile our mobile commerce data from retailers and brands around the world, and the results for Q4 2017 mobile commerce are in!

The bottom line: whatever the country, mobile commerce growth keeps increasing. A bigger share of purchases are taking place on phones, especially apps. Here are four key findings from our latest research. Click on our nike air max tn mens 2029091247 rV5LgFEb
to see more!

1. Smartphone Commerce Transactions in North America increased 13% YoY.

Shoppers in North America remain active on mobile. Advertisers with a shopping app generate 67% of transactions on mobile devices, for retailers who generate sales on both mobile web and in-app. Overall, when compared to Q4 2016, YoY sales increased by 13%.

2. In the Middle East and Africa, Smartphone generates the largest share of online transactions for retailers, excluding apps.

The Middle East and Africa may show us the future, where mobile commerce actually dominates retail sales. Only 37% of transactions occurred on desktop. But apps still make for the best conversions as advertisers with a shopping app generate 66% of transactions on mobile devices.

3. Latin America remains the fastest growing region for share of mobile transactions, with a year-over-year increase of 37%.

Though tablet usage has decreased to account for just under 2% of all transactions, those in Latin America are savvy app-users, contributing to app conversion rates that are 3 times higher on app than on mobile web. That’s in line with the trends we’ve seen in Latin America in general – there’s been a 37% increase YoY when it comes to mobile transactions.

4. In Europe, transactions on mobile and desktop are split 50-50, with share of transactions completed on smartphones increasing 21% YoY.

Retailers with a shopping app now generate 44% of their sales on mobile devices. Interestingly, tablet usage is down like in the rest of the world, but still accounts for more than 10% of transactions. Overall, we still saw strong transactional data on smartphones, which increased 21% when compared to Q4 2016.

5. Across the world, shoppers matched on another device spend more per order.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: combining intent data lets you see more shopping dollars per shopper, as it provides a better understanding of their shopping journey. nike air force 1 high releases photos
for instance, shoppers matched on another device spend an average of 12% more per order, while in South East Asia , that number is even higher, with cross-device, cross-channels shopper transactions valued at 23% on average.

This may be contrasted with the following picture which shows a schematic of a reconstructed surface - this particular example is similar to the "missing row model" proposed for the structure of a number of reconstructed (110) fcc metal surfaces.

Since reconstruction involves a change in the periodicity of the surface and in some cases also a change in surface symmetry, it is readily detected using surface diffraction techniques (e.g. LEED RHEED ).

The overall driving force for reconstruction is once again the minimization of the surface free energy - at the atomic level, however, it is not always clear why the reconstruction should reduce the surface free energy. For some metallic surfaces, it may be that the change in periodicity of the surface induces a splitting in surface-localized bands of energy levels and that this can lead to a lowering of the total electronic energy when the band is initially only partly full.

In the case of many semiconductors, the simple reconstructions can often be explained in terms of a "surface healing" process in which the co-ordinative unsaturation of the surface atoms is reduced by bond formation between adjacent atoms. For example, the formation of a Si(100) surface requires that the bonds between the Si atoms that form the new surface layer and those that were in the layer immediately above in the solid are broken - this leaves two "dangling bonds" per surface Si atom.

A relatively small co-ordinated movement of the atoms in the topmost layer can reduce this unsatisfied co-ordination - pairs of Si atoms come together to form surface "Si dimers", leaving only one dangling bond per Si atom. This process leads to a change in the surface periodicity : the period of the surface structure is doubled in one direction giving rise to the so-called (2x1) reconstruction observed on all clean Si(100) surfaces [ nike free run 50 promo code

In this section, attention has been concentrated on the reconstruction of clean surfaces. It is, however, worth noting that reconstruction of the substrate surface is frequently induced by the adsorption of molecular or atomic species onto the surface - this phenomenon is known as adsorbate-induced reconstruction (see Section 2.5 for some examples).


The minimisation of surface energy means that even single crystal surfaces will not exhibit the ideal geometry of atoms to be expected by truncating the bulk structure of the solid parallel to a particular plane. The differences between the real structure of the clean surface and the ideal structure may be imperceptibly small (e.g. a very slight surface relaxation ) or much more marked and involving a change in the surface periodicity in one or more of the main symmetry directions ( surface reconstruction ).

Apprendre le fonctionnement et les principes généraux de Maven

Intégrer l'utilisation de Maven dans votre IDE (Eclipse et IntelliJ)

Initialiser un projet Maven

Organiser un projet Maven multi-modules

Personnaliser la construction (build) du projet avec des plugins

Générer un site documentaire du projet et des rapports sur la construction (résultat des tests, qualité du code...)

Maven est utilisable sous Linux, Mac OS et Windows. Dans ce cours, je vais m'efforcer de vous montrer comment l'utiliser avec ces 3 systèmes d'exploitation.

Cependant, je vous conseille fortement de vous pencher du côté de Linux si vous n'y êtes pas encore passé. Avec Java EE, vous entrez dans le monde du développement pour l'entreprise. Vous allez généralement travailler pour de moyennes et grosses entreprises. L'environnement de production de vos applicatifs sera souvent un environnement Linux ( debian, CentOS, RedHat ...). Il est donc important d'être familiarisé avec Linux. Si votre environnement de développement est également en Linux, vous serez plus proche de l'environnement de production et donc plus à même de reproduire les bugs, ou mieux, corriger en amont ceux ne se produisant que sous Linux ou Mac OS et non sous Windows.

vous pencher du côté de Linux

De plus, une partie de l'outillage gravitant autour des projets informatiques d'entreprises (notamment en Java) est disponible sous Linux mais pas, ou pas aussi bien, sous Windows ou Mac OS (ex : Docker, Git, script shell...). L'inverse est aussi vrai, si vous développez en .Net par exemple, mais ça ne nous concerne pas ici.

Pour passer à Linux en douceur, vous pouvez suivre ce cours : nike air max 7 tailwind forum

Si vous voulez simplement disposer d'un Linux sans sortir de Windows ou Mac OS, vous pouvez utiliser une machine virtuelle : Installez Linux dans une machine virtuelle .

Avant de commencer, voici quelques références sur Apache Maven à garder sous le coude :

le site officiel : ;

un livre en français, sous licence nike free run 50 blue mens
, écrit par Nicolas de Loof et Arnaud Héritier : Apache Maven - Version 2 et 3 .

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