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Economic depreciation implies that an asset loses its value over time. But accounting depreciation has more to do with cost allocation than with loss of value. When equipment is purchased, there is a time period in which it will be used. Accountants use depreciation to ensure that the costs of revenue are matched to the revenue those costs helped to bring in for each time period.

In effect, we are allocating the cost of the equipment to the periods in which we used the equipment, even though we may have already paid for the equipment long ago. Accountants do this by figuring out how long the asset is likely to be in use, taking the appropriate fraction of its total cost, and counting that amount as an expense on the income statement . Most capital expenditures are depreciated (land is an example of one that isn’t).

Depreciation is typically found in the operating expenses portion of an income statement. However, unlike many operating expenses, depreciation is a non-cash expense in that money does not change hands when this expense is incurred: the cash has probably already been paid when the equipment was purchased.

Let’s assume we start a delivery company and in the first full month of operation we do $10,000 worth of business. At the start of that month, our company bought a $36,000 truck to make the deliveries. Now assume we’re expecting the truck to last three years. We depreciate it at $1,000 a month (using the simple straight line depreciation approach). The first two months of a greatly simplified income statement would look like this:

(Excerpts from Financial Intelligence , Chapter 8 – Costs and Expenses)

Depreciation is an example of the matching principle. In general, depreciation is the “expensing” of a physical asset, such as a truck or a machine, over its estimated useful life. Accountants have to follow GAAP, of course, but GAAP allows plenty of flexibility. No matter what set of rules the accountants follow, estimating will be required whenever an asset lasts longer than a single accounting period. The job for the financially intelligent manager is to understand those estimates and to know how they affect the financials.

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David Barbee

BOOM Library collections have quickly become an integral part of my sound effects library, and I have used them in a wide variety of projects. The Sci-Fi , Cinematic Trailers and Magic collections are fantastic for sound design work, from the quick and easy answers in the "Designed" section, to the many elements in the "Construction Kit" I use to blend together for something new.

Eric Paulsen

BOOM libraries are an absolute staple in my SFX library arsenal. I owe a lot of my success to the amazing tools BOOM has provided me! The quality of each library is absolutely incredible and I can always count on each sound to be the highest fidelity possible.

Jeff Broadbent

As always, congrats on the great sfx libraries created by BOOM! I recently purchased your SCI-FI Bundle for a new project, it sounds great. Honestly, I think your sound design company is one of the best (if not the best) place to obtain sound effects - the quality and creativity is always top notch.

Shannon Mills

When I can’t record sounds myself, BOOM is the next best thing! I’m always amazed at how they release libraries exactly when I need them! Right before I began my work on Thor: A Dark World they released Medieval Weapons , perfect timing! The sounds were perfect for the opening battle scene and saved me much time preparing for the temp mix. Excellent quality, and I appreciate the option of designed or construction kit, as I can build my own sounds or use versions prebuilt, extremely valuable!

Luis Galdames

Keep up the good work. Love you guys! I'm constantly using your libraries in EVERYTHING I work on!

Adam Stiles

An excellent, excellent collection. With the Cinematic Metal library, you could almost do any high end trailer with those alone. I'm so happy there's a company like you guys out there. The need for these type of sounds are monumental. Especially for us at Riot Games , we need more, and more.

Spoiler: basically everything.

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