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The Parotid Gland

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The parotid gland is a bilateral salivary gland located in the face. It produces serous saliva , a watery solution rich in enzymes. This is then secreted into the oral cavity, where it lubricates and aids in the breakdown of food.

salivary gland serous saliva

In this article, we shall look at the location, vasculature and innervation of the parotid gland. We shall also consider any clinical correlations.

The parotid gland is a bilateral structure, which displays a lobular and irregular morphology. Anatomically, it can be divided into deep and superficial lobes , which are separated by the facial nerve.

superficial lobes

It lies within a deep hollow, known as the parotid region .The parotid region is bounded as follows:

parotid region Superiorly Inferiorly Anteriorly Posteriorly

The secretions of the parotid gland are transported to the oral cavity by the Stensen duct. It arises from the anterior surface of the gland, traversing the masseter muscle. The duct then pierces the buccinator, moving medially. It opens out into the oral cavity near the second upper molar .

Stensen duct. masseter second upper molar

Fig 1.0 – Position of the parotid gland and borders of the parotid region.

The anatomical relationships of the parotid gland are of great clinical importance – particularly during parotid gland surgery.

Several important neurovascular structures pass through the gland:

facial nerve external carotid artery retromandibular vein

Fig 1.1 – The branches of the facial nerve . The parotid gland has been removed to show their anatomical course.

Blood is supplied by the posterior auricular and superficial temporal arteries . They are both branches of the external carotid artery, which arise within the parotid gland itself.

posterior auricular superficial temporal arteries

Venous drainage is achieved via the retromandibular vein . It is formed by unification of the superficial temporal and maxillary veins.

Welcome to SARA

S wiss A ssociation of R elocation A gents

In October 2003, Swiss relocation professionals form own body signaling growing importance of relocation industry in Europe.

Ourmission is to spread knowledge and understanding of the issues surrounding corporate mobility and to enhance industry performance standards by communication and education.

Relocation is both about people and their unique situations and about business expansion. Business needs are such today that it is imperative for a relocated employee to return to maximum productivity as soon as possible. If employees’ needs are not adequately met, at the end of the day, organizations fall short of optimising their ROI.

HR Consulting Site selection/Pre-departure planning Visa Immigration Home Finding Short Term Accomodation Tenancy Management Property Management Pre-Move Orientation Settling-in Services School search and education counseling Household Goods Move Management Ongoing Destination Support Concierge Services Furniture rental Language and Cross-Cultural Training Career Partner Assistance Expatriate Expense Management Repatriation Assistance Financial Services

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SARA membership qualification is stringent and provides a guarantee of the quality and professionalism of its members. This in turn, is an element of added value both for companies already based in Switzerland or for those companies who may be calling upon our members’ services as they plan to relocate a business entity in our country. Key players of the Relocation Services domain in Switzerland have all joined this initiative. All members are required to abide by the Association’s Code of Conduct. Corporate Membership is also open to HR specialists of Swiss-based Corporations who deal with international mobility issues.

SARA is a member of The European Relocation Association (EuRA) which runs European certifications for European professionals under the auspices of its European Academy of Relocation Professionals, (EARP) as well as the EuRA Quality Seal, the world’s first accreditation program for relocation providers.

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FULL Members Application Form
AFFILIATE Members Application Form ASSOCIATE Members Application Form

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There is a special rarity in the rare book collection of the Lenhardt Library, a work so unusual that you might have to travel to the Bibliothèque nationale in Paris to see another copy, because of its unique illustrations.

Its 48 plates are so beautiful that it meant that many copies were guillotined by print dealers to sell, one by one, this book's heart. Entitled Études de fleurs et de fruits: Peints d'après nature , this incredibly scarce work was created around 1820, the graphic effort of a Madame Vincent, who tellingly noted that her magnum opus is "dédié aux jeunes demoiselles."

Madame Henriette Vincent (1786-1830) was one of the most outstanding students of the one of the most famous French artists of the nineteenth century, Pierre-Joseph Redouté (1759-1840). She excelled at creating paintings like Redouté, with fine detail and naturalistic touches. The coloring of her stipple engravings is superlative, rivaling her teacher. Madame Vincent represents the apex of women as artists in the first half of the nineteenth century. Her ability was her own, but her opportunities were created by other women, working in the eighteenth century, to make art by women more acceptable.

Drawing flowers was seemingly always an activity acceptable to girls and young ladies. To move from art as a hobby to a profession was difficult, although there was precedent in Europe. In medieval western Europe, women were often found as illuminators and colorists of manuscripts. Indeed, there is evidence from guild records that in some cases women represented up to a quarter of all members in those guilds specializing in manuscript work.

Still life painting provided ample opportunities for women to demonstrate their skills, especially in seventeenth century Netherlands. There were unique individuals, such as Maria Sibylla Merian (1647-1717), who demonstrated her special observational skills and artistic talent, culminating in her Metamorphosis Insectorum Surinamensium , published in 1705. Merian's abilities were recognized by many, not the least Peter the Great (1672-1725), who acquired some of her painting in Amsterdam after her death.

Henriette Vincent's opportunities were created by well connected former students of Redouté, Marie Antoinette (1755-1793) and Empress Joséphine de Beauharnais (1763-1814), Napoléon Bonaparte's first wife. These powerful women, with their personal interests in botany, horticulture, and art, made it fashionable and proper for girls and women to pursue scientific curiosity in natural history as well as artistic ventures. But to make it possible for Madame Vincent to repeatedly exhibit in the Paris Salon in 1814, 1819, 1822, and 1824 was largely due to the efforts in the late eighteeenth century of Adélaïde Labille-Guiard (1749-1804), a talented French painter, member of the Académie de Saint-Luc at the age of 20 as well one of the few women elected a member of the Académie Royale de Peinture et de Sculpture.

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