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Award-Winning Style

On the cutting edge.

The first salon in North America to offer the patented Calligraphy Cut.

Award-Winning Service


Enjoy a relaxing spa day.

Give the gift of beauty and relaxation with a Visage Giftcard.

This in-salon professional dermabrasion is a facial for your scalp. For a limited time receive a complimentary blowdry with purchase of this service with select stylists.

Since 1985, Salon Visage has raised the standard for elite, innovative, and specialized hair salons in the Southeast by keeping advanced education at the cornerstone of its culture. Owners Frank and Belinda Gambuzza are committed to constant improvement to benefit both their employees and clients. This commitment to superior education has made Salon Visage one of the most respected businesses in the Knoxville community as well as the beauty industry nationwide. In addition to being named Knoxville’s Best Hair Salon for many years by Knoxville News Sentinel Readers , Salon Visage was alsonamed a Top 25 Hair Salon in America by BE! Magazine.

Along with Salon Visage, The Visage Group is comprised Spa Visage , nike free run socks or no socks loafers
and nike roshe run black buy online
. Each offering the highest quality products and services to clients. Employees at each location specialize in their techniques and services providing you with anoutstanding experience. The focus is on “you” the minute you walk through the doors of any Visage location. From the cucumber water to a captivating atmosphere, and excellent service, the Visage Group keeps your needs in mind for the most satisfying salon and spa visit each time. Our goal is to create a comfortable, relaxing experience that is world-class for every guest.

In appreciation for all the many gifts we’ve been given by the greater Knoxville community, The Visage Group is proud to give back through donating our time and services to numerous charitable and community organizations. Each year, the Visage team donates hundreds of free services to help these groups raise funds through auctions and other events.

Please give us a call today or send us an nike roshe run black monobrow
for more information. We hope to see you soon at Salon Visage, Spa Visage, Studio Visage or Frank’s Barbershop!

A group of enthusiasts at Bletchley Park, the top secret wartime codebreaking base, have rebuilt a primitive computing device used in the Second World War to help the Allies listen in on U-boat conversations. It was called 'the Bombe'. Professor Nigel Smart , Head of nike air force 1 ultra flyknit low snow white with the red
and an expert on cryptography tells us more.

The Bombe didn't help win the war destructively like its explosive name-sakes but using intelligence. It was designed to find the passwords or 'keys' into the secret codes of 'Enigma': the famous encryption machine used both by the German army in the field and to communicate to U-Boats in the Atlantic. It effectively allowed the English to listen in to the German's secret communications.

A Bombe is an electro-mechanical special purpose computing device. 'Electro-mechanical' because it works using both mechanics and electricity. It works by passing electricity through a circuit. The precise circuit that is used is modified mechanically on each step of the machine by drums that rotate. It used a set of rotating drums to mirror the way the Enigma machine used a set of discs which rotated when each letter was encrypted. The Bombe is a 'special purpose' computing device rather than a 'general purpose' computer because it can't be used to solve any other problem than the one it was designed for.

There are many explanations of why it's called a 'Bombe'. The most popular is that it is named after an earlier, but unrelated, machine built by the Polish to help break Enigma called the Bomba. The Bomba was also an electro-mechanical machine and was called that because as it ran it made a ticking sound, rather like a clock-based fuse on an exploding bomb.

The Enigma machine used a different main key, or password, every day. It was then altered slightly for each message by a small indicator sent at the beginning of each message. The goal of the codebreakers at Bletchley Park each day was to find the German key for that day. Once this was found it was easy to then decrypt all the day's messages. The Bombe's task was to find this day key. It was introduced when the procedures used by the Germans to operate the Enigma changed. This had meant that the existing techniques used by the Allies to break the Enigma codes could no longer be used. They could no longer crack the German codes fast enough by humans alone.

Step out of your comfort zone and into your next adventure!

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The reason most people prefer minimalist front pocket wallets is that they are lightweight, slim, and easily accessible. The age of big, bulky billfold wallets are over and slim, functional minimalist wallets have taken over.

By Kirsty-Sian McShane

“The Land of Fire and Ice” as it’s known is fast and furiously becoming one of the hottest travel destinations and with it’s almost surreal beauty, friendly locals and endless opportunity for adventure it’s not hard to see why. Here are just a few reasons why Iceland should be on your travel bucket list.

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India is an exciting destination for travellers of all kinds. It keeps people of all generations and ages thrilled to the core. Children especially love the diverse experiences that India has to offer.

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This year, we will be partnering with Hi-Tec and hitting the trails on the Easter Weekend for the Hi-Tec Garden Route Walking Festival. With this spectacular backdrop, we are bound to have so much fun as a family.

By Guest

Mexico has elotes, Vietnam has banh mi, and the Czech Republic has chimney cakes. But unlike many countries, it’s impossible to identify Thailand’s street food with a single dish. And if you’re on the hunt for the most iconic and diverse street foods

By Vaughan McShane

Montreaux Riviera and life along Lake Geneva was bliss as a family. Here we include a few things you shouldn’t miss when travelling here with little ones.

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Have you ever noticed a message saying that your CRBasic program compiled in PipelineMode or SequentialMode ? What does it mean? And, when does it matter? In this article, we’ll look at these two modes.

PipelineMode SequentialMode

Let’s start with the more straightforward mode: SequentialMode . The CRBasic Editor Help offers this description: “In sequential mode, instructions are executed by the datalogger sequentially as they occur in the program.” In other words, your program runs from top to bottom. You can also think of sequential mode like this, with one instruction being executed after another:

Sequential mode gives you control over the order in which instructions are executed, and it makes your program easy to follow. Sequential mode can be especially useful when you are powering sensors under program control to ensure your sensor is turned on at the correct time.

In sequential mode, each measurement is followed by the processing tasks it requires. In other words, measurements and processing do not occur concurrently. Instead, processing always follows the measurement. Because measurements and processing are carried out in sequential order, there is no buffer for processing.

In the figure below, there are three measurements: A, B, and C. Each measurement needs processing—denoted by PA, PB, and PC, respectively. In this simple example, processing includes applying multipliers and offsets, and performing output calculations. We also see that there is some idle time in the scan, which is denoted by the unlabeled squares.

Click above for a larger image.

I’ll use seconds as the unit of measurement for the scan rate to make the figures easier to understand. (In practice, Campbell Scientific measurements and processing happen much faster.) In the figure above, we could say that the scan rate is 10 seconds.

In the next figure, we have removed the idle time in the scan. In sequential mode, the fastest this set of measurements and processing could run would be a scan rate of six seconds.

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